Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Information from back cover of THE farmhouse

From the back cover of THE FARMHOUSE  TREE:

Memories of a farming childhood without electricity,when gran's five-pound-note Christmas present would buy almost half a mile of liquorice bootlaces over ten thousand aniseed balls,three hundred Mars bars or weekly copies of the Dandy and Beano for eleven years!
   A time of village characters charming warts,knocking in fence posts with a clenched fist,cutting a Christmas cake with a mallet and chisel!eating cheese with maggots in and requesting  a baked sparrow pie.
   A time  of sex education on bullpen and field  and when a pig's bladder made a super football.
    A time when an aged maiden aunt knew everything cost an arm and a leg,money didn't grow on trees,the love of it was the root of all evil and curiosity killed the cat........

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